Requirement: 60 Credits for completion

Tuition: $1,500.00

Students pursuing a standard Bachelor of Theology degree will gain a basic understanding of theology and religious sciences and provide a foundation for pastoral leadership. It is a specialized degree ideal for students preparing to work in Pastoral ministry and leadership positions. It is also ideal for students who desire to have a knowledge of Theology..

Any student seeking to enroll into the TTSC Bachelor’s Degree Program must meet at least one of the following requirements:

(1) The students must have completed an approved 60 Semester Hour Associate Degree Program. In many instances, even an undergraduate degree in a secular field will meet TTSC’s requirements.

(2) The student must have completed at least 60 Semester Hours of undergraduate coursework from an approved seminary or college.

(3) The student must meet minimum requirements for Lifetime Credit, which is based upon extensive years of service in the ministry.

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